Tuesday, May 19, 2009

G.D.O.T. - LED Display Signs In Georgia

Both picture here, were taking on Highway I-575 South. The bottom one is right after you pass Exit 7 (Hwy 92) and the top one is right before Barret Pkwy.

Roadside Text Messaging on LED Display Signs

LED electronic signage has evolved into several types of highway sign systems that aid highway traffic managers by alerting drivers of current travel conditions to aid in traffic flow.

Highway streaming text message tells all: "Accident ahead, reduce speed to 20 mph and use alternate route 312 to avoid stalled traffic." Or just the travel time in between certain Highways as the photos above show it. As many statewide Departments of Transportation (DOTs) upgrade their highway traffic management systems, LED message centers are the preferred electronic sign system for keeping drivers informed of current travel conditions.

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