Saturday, September 29, 2007

Piedmont Road, Marietta-GA

Piedmont Road right after you pass Canton Road, going Southeast...
This is Freedom Pkwy almost at I-75 in Downtown Atlanta,GA

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Old 41 North - Kennesaw, GA

Old 41 almost in front of Hooters Restaurant nearby Cowboy Dance Club.

Vinings Estates - Smyrna Georgia

Construction Site at Vinings Estates Subdivision, a little sample of a Colonnade Home being built. You can see my two trucks parked right there, while my crew and I were installing the HVAC system.

I 285 East Closer to I-85

Right here you are almost in front of GM Assembly Plant and getting closer to I-85 Exit.

Georgia's License Plate

Monday, August 27, 2007

Downtown ATLANTA

Atlanta is the Capital of Georgia


The view of Allatoona Dam from the other side of the Lake. It's a beautiful view.

Allatoona Lake

This is part of Allatoona Lake, with all the boats and stuff at the Marina place, near by the Allatoona Dam.

Going to Red Top Mountain

On I-75 North getting off on Exit 285 to Red Top Mountain. In Autumn Season.

The Bridge on Red Top Mountain Road

Right here you are almost crossing the bridge on Red Top Mountain Road, and this is Allatoona Lake.

Exit To Red Top Mountain

This is the exit on I-75 to Red Top Mountain, it might be Exit 285 on I-75 North.

Cottage - At Red To Mountain

Right at the Red Top Mountain you can find a lot of Cottage House for rent and to spend a weekend at the beauty of this place.

Red Top Mountain

This is the road going to the Red Top Mountain, in North Georgia.

Friday, July 20, 2007

I-75/85 Getting Closer To Separate...

Right after this bridge these two Hwy will be separated. Going north...

I-75 & I-85 North Almost At Separation

Going I-75/85 North almost at the point it gets separated, in Atlanta, GA.

I-75 South At Canton Rd

Going South on I-75 at Exit 267 A & B to Canto Road, in Marietta, GA.

I-75 North At Exit 267

Going North on I-75, at Exit 267 A & B to Canton Road, in Marietta, GA.

I-75 North Right After Exit 265

Going North on I-75 right after Exit 265, Hwy 120.

Interstate 75 North At The Loop Hwy 120

I-75 North almost at Exit 265 Loop Hwy 120, in Marietta, GA.

I-75 North Gerogia Tech View

Going North on I-75/85 with the view of Georgia Tech Apartments, on the left hand side.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I-75/85 North - Atlanta View

Going North still, you can have this view of the City of Atlanta.

I-75 & I-85 North At Georgia Tech

Going North on I-75/85 almost at the torch in front Georgia Tech.

I-75 & I-85 North

This is the way going North on I-75/85, almost at Marta Station.

I-75 & I-85 South

Going South on I-75/I-85 at Marta Station view. You going to pass under it.

Exit 247 - In The Tunnel

This is the vision when you got off I-75 going to I-20, inside its tunnel.

I-75 & I-85 South

I-75 South at Exit 247, going to Interstate I-20 in Atlanta, GA

I-75 South Atlanta, GA

Going south on I-75 almost at Marta Station in Atlanta.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Old Flea Market In Acworth

You can see in this picture that the Old Flea Market in Acworth, now is a great and brand new Mall, with Target, Circuit City, Ross, Book A Million, etc...

FORMER Flea Market

Right here used to be the biggest Flea Market in Acworth, GA. Now is a Mall.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I-20 Almost at I-285

Interstate I-20 almost at I-285, electronic sign warning of an accident.

Atlanta View At Exit 57

Atlanta view at Exit 57, coming on I-20 East.

I-20 at Exit 57 - EAST

Interstate I-20 East at Exit 57, going to I-75 in Atlanta, GA.

Interstate I-20 Exit 47

Interstate I-20 almost at Six Flag's Exit, going west. At Exit 47.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

CNN Center

View of CNN Center, also from the 54th floor of Westin Hotel, in Atlanta, GA.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Georgia Aquarium From Above

View of the Georgia Aquarium from the 54th floor of Westin Hotel, in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta View

The view of Atlanta from the 54th floor of Westin Hotel.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hwy 41 Almost at Canton Con.

Going north Hwy 41 right before Canton Con. Right here you just passed Coca-Cola.

Before Barret Pkwy at Hwy 41

Driving at Hwy 41 toward Barret Pkwy. This is the Apartment Complex on the top of the hill before Barret Pkwy.

Trees In Kennesaw - Hwy 41

Hwy 41 North, almost at Blue Spring Rd. These tree looks like a ghost standing the hand. It's beautiful.

Hwy 41 North In Kennesaw

Hwy 41 North at Wachovia Bank. This is the view when you coming out from the Bank. You can see Burger King.

I-75 North At Delk Rd

Interstate I-75 North at the sign of Delk Road, Marietta, GA.