Thursday, September 28, 2006

I-285 WEST at Exit 10

I-285 West at Exit 10, the one that goes to Hwy I-20 west and east; Six Flag Park is located on the side of Hwy I-20 west.

I-285 Inside Exit 20

I-285 East at Exit 20, the one that goes to Hwy I-75 North and South.

I-285 EAST - Exit 33

I-285 East at Exit 33. This the exit to High Way I-85 North and South; and you can see also that goes to Buford Hwy as well.

I-75 North EXIT 261

I-75 North at Exit 261 Delk Rd, in Marietta. Most of the Brazilian live in this area.

I-75 NORTH Exit 271

I-75 North at Exit 271 - Chastain Rd, Kennesaw. This the exit for Kennesaw Universty State.