Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Atlanta First United Methodist Church

Atlanta First United Methodist Church celebrated its 160th year of existence in 2007. With such a long and glorious history of service to God and the community, our story has come to hold great meaning for us. Many interesting and prominent members of the community have worshipped with us over the years.

Our beginning dates back to early missionary efforts. At that time, Atlanta was known as Marthasville, a little railroad village, and terminus for four railroad lines then under construction. Local preachers were gathering groups together for services. Small groups met in private homes, in warehouses on Peachtree Street and Auburn Avenue, even in the Georgia railroad offices, where services were conducted, and future plans were discussed.

The Old Union Sabbath School, 1845-1847 In 1845, a public spirited citizen by the name of Samuel Mitchell donated a lot of land to the Methodists. It was a triangular lot, surrounded by Peachtree, Pryor and Houston Streets. Here was built a small log house with a chimney at each end (pictured at left). It was a used as a school during the week and as a church on Sunday. An interdenominational Sunday school was organized, known as the Union Sabbath School. Presbyterians, Baptists, and Methodists held preaching services, each group alternate their Sundays to avoid conflicts.

After using the log cabin for some months, the Methodists decided to build their own house of worship. They were the first denomination in Atlanta to take this important step. In 1847, the same year Marthasville was renamed "Atlanta," a committee raised $700, of which $150.00 was used to buy additional land on Peachtree Street. A first board of trustees was organized, and a large frame building, outstanding for that day, was constructed (pictured below right). This new chapel was named Wesley Chapel to honor John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, and dedicated on March 24th, 1848.(This is just a brief of the long history about this Church).

Atlanta First United Methodist Church is a church with a long history in the great city of Atlanta and a vision of serving Christ now and in the future. Their primary function is bringing people to God and each other. To do this, the Church provides a place where people can worship together, study the teachings of Christ and apply those teachings by serving those in need through our "Compassion in Action" ministries outreach program. See more about this Church at Atlanta First United Methodist Church web site.


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