Friday, July 20, 2007

I-75/85 Getting Closer To Separate...

Right after this bridge these two Hwy will be separated. Going north...

I-75 & I-85 North Almost At Separation

Going I-75/85 North almost at the point it gets separated, in Atlanta, GA.

I-75 South At Canton Rd

Going South on I-75 at Exit 267 A & B to Canto Road, in Marietta, GA.

I-75 North At Exit 267

Going North on I-75, at Exit 267 A & B to Canton Road, in Marietta, GA.

I-75 North Right After Exit 265

Going North on I-75 right after Exit 265, Hwy 120.

Interstate 75 North At The Loop Hwy 120

I-75 North almost at Exit 265 Loop Hwy 120, in Marietta, GA.

I-75 North Gerogia Tech View

Going North on I-75/85 with the view of Georgia Tech Apartments, on the left hand side.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I-75/85 North - Atlanta View

Going North still, you can have this view of the City of Atlanta.

I-75 & I-85 North At Georgia Tech

Going North on I-75/85 almost at the torch in front Georgia Tech.

I-75 & I-85 North

This is the way going North on I-75/85, almost at Marta Station.

I-75 & I-85 South

Going South on I-75/I-85 at Marta Station view. You going to pass under it.

Exit 247 - In The Tunnel

This is the vision when you got off I-75 going to I-20, inside its tunnel.

I-75 & I-85 South

I-75 South at Exit 247, going to Interstate I-20 in Atlanta, GA

I-75 South Atlanta, GA

Going south on I-75 almost at Marta Station in Atlanta.