Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cobb Pkwy (Hwy 41 Norte) saindo de casa e indo em direcao ao Wal Mart. Posted by Picasa

Cobb Pkwy (Hwy41 North) bem em frente da entrada do Sum's Club, com vista da Big Chicken. Posted by Picasa

Cobb Pkwy (Hwy 41) Norte, chegando na Big Chicken em frente a entrada do Sam's Club. Posted by Picasa

Big Chicken na esquina da Cobb Pkwy (Hwy 41) com a Roswell Rd. Meu ponto de chegada na America. Posted by Picasa

Cobb Pkwy(Hwy 41) sentido Norte, Esquina com Roswell Rd(Hwy120) na Big Chicken. Posted by Picasa

Wal-Mart in Acworth, GA

Walmart's parking lot in Acworth, GA  Posted by Picasa

Gate Way Church Of God in Kennesaw, GA

Wonderful View of Atlanta

In this photo you can see I-75 Northbound, with the big Stadium on the right, that is Braves Baseball Team's Home. You can see also, the I-20 junction with I-75.
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Plaza Mall in front Wal-Mart in Acworth, Ga where there is a delicious Starbucks Coffee.

Blue Spring Rd in Kennesaw, GA. Posted by Picasa

Starbucks Coffee on Hwy 41 in Acworth, Ga

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My birthday party in June 2005. In this picture Dorneles, Nildo e Junior. Posted by Picasa

Vernon Commons RD,Kennesaw, GA - Hampton Subdivision.

Corner of Hwy 41 South and Blue Spring Rd in Kennesaw, GA

My House

My House - 2006

My House on Christmas 2006

Hampton Subdivision in Kennesaw, GA

Fall 2006 in front my house.

Little Garden in my House

Missing USA... Missing Atlanta

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