Saturday, May 30, 2009


St. Patrick’s Day Festival

The St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Atlanta is the PARADE when we Celebrate Georgia’s rich Irish heritage with the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade! The parade begins at Peachtree/Ralph McGill at 12 noon and moves through Underground Atlanta (Pryor Street) where the celebration continues!

The St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Atlanta encompasses various celebrations of Irish heritage and culture. Live Irish entertainment is always performed showcased throughout the day along with an Irish Breakfast, family activities, vendors and of course, green everywhere. So you can start your day with a nice Irish Breakfast and then join the Parade on Peachtree Street.

Historically Atlanta is strongly associated with the Irish. The thriving city of
Atlanta had many well established Irish businessmen, tradesmen and farmers at a time when some cities still restricted immigration and settlement of the Irish.

At one time all five of Atlanta's City Councilmen were Irish. Atlanta's fire department attracted a large number of Irish.

The Irish have always been an integral part of Atlanta. The Hibernian Benevolent Society of Atlanta was founded in 1858 to help the newest wave of immigrating Irish. An Irish priest, Father O'Reilly, was instrumental in saving five churches and other parts of Atlanta from General Sherman's armies during the Civil War. A huge number of the Southern defenders were Irish, as were a great percentage of the Northern troops.

Margaret Mitchell, famed author of “Gone With The Wind”, wrote about her Atlanta Irish ancestors. Her Great Aunts, the Fitzgeralds, lived in Clayton County at a place called Rural Home which became Tara in the novel. Anywhere you look, the Irish have been in Atlanta, playing an important role.

The phenomenal success of River Dance has renewed interest in all things Irish. There has been a surge in Irish Dance schools and competitions. Irish movies and Irish music groups are everywhere!

In addition to Atlanta “natives”, migration from the traditional northern Irish cities has brought thousands of Irish and their descendants to booming Atlanta.
These newer residents are accustomed to St. Patrick’s Day festivities and are faithful supporters.

* Almost 40% of Georgians claim Irish heritage.

* More than 1,000,000 Metro Atlanta residents claim Irish descent.

* Atlanta ranks as the 7th largest “Irish City” in North America.

If you want to participate in the 2010 Atlanta St. Patrick's Festival,

you must fill out an application.

Click here to fill out an on line application for the 2010 Parade:


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Nice St. Patrick's Fest, I have some Irish friends, Thank you for adding my blog.
I visited your blog, I appreciated Georgia State symbols very much: fruits, trees, insects...
The thing that very impressed me is Georgia Aquarium, a place I can never see in person, I love sea and its creatures but I have a very big fear of water, so much that when I saw the photo it toke my breath away.
Should I go to a psychoanalyst?
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Drama Queen said...

The St. Patrick's day sounds nice! I'm from sweden so it's something we don't celebrate.

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