Monday, August 27, 2007

Downtown ATLANTA

Atlanta is the Capital of Georgia


The view of Allatoona Dam from the other side of the Lake. It's a beautiful view.

Allatoona Lake

This is part of Allatoona Lake, with all the boats and stuff at the Marina place, near by the Allatoona Dam.

Going to Red Top Mountain

On I-75 North getting off on Exit 285 to Red Top Mountain. In Autumn Season.

The Bridge on Red Top Mountain Road

Right here you are almost crossing the bridge on Red Top Mountain Road, and this is Allatoona Lake.

Exit To Red Top Mountain

This is the exit on I-75 to Red Top Mountain, it might be Exit 285 on I-75 North.

Cottage - At Red To Mountain

Right at the Red Top Mountain you can find a lot of Cottage House for rent and to spend a weekend at the beauty of this place.

Red Top Mountain

This is the road going to the Red Top Mountain, in North Georgia.