Monday, September 28, 2009

City of ATL - Fire Department Van: "NO BREAK LIGHTS!!" - What??

I was driving South East on Peachtree Street on a raining day and next thing I noticed was a City of Atlanta Firefight Van without the back left side break lights. It was interesting, because I have being stopped by Police Officers just for the little freaking tag light. I guess the break light is even more important than the tag light, but because it belongs to the City of Atlanta, and it is a government vehicle, I guess it's OK to be driven around without the break light. Look at the picture. (Hey, and at Peachtree St there are Police Officers every where... Believe me!! Don't get caught in a bad day when the traffic is not moving and your car kind stop on the crossing pedestrians lines... They love it! I mean the COPs will ticket you for sure!!! They don't care if the traffic is not moving....)

Any ways, we are driving by the City with our camera, showing the beauty and the others thing as well. So, folks: BE AWARE OF OUR LENS!!!

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