Sunday, September 20, 2009

Atlanta Fire Department

Office of the Fire Chief
Joel Baker, Interim Fire Chief
The Fire Chief's Office is responsible for the overall operation and direction of the Atlanta Fire Department through the implementation of the agency's strategic plan. The office also ensures that the plan's objectives are proactive and consistent with the City of Atlanta's mission, vision and values.The office consists of the Office Assistant, Executive Secretary, Fire Chief's Aid, the Chaplain and the Public Information Officer. The Office of Professional Standards is a section within the Office of the Fire Chief and is responsible for background investigations, internal affairs, advocacy and recruitment.

Support Services
Huley B. Dodson, Deputy Chief
This division monitors fire code enforcement, fire inspections, fire safety education and fire investigations. This division includes the Fire Marshal’s Office, Fire Prevention and Education, Training, Communications and Information Technology and maintenance of all real property and administration.

Tony Davidson, Deputy Chief
The Atlanta Fire Department’s Operations Division is responsible for responding and mitigating disastrous incidents within the City from 30 fire stations. The agency handles an average 125 incidents per day including Fires, Hazardous Materials calls, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services Alarms and Homeland Security Responses/Planning.

The Office of Special Operations is a part of this Division and handles the planning of Special Events and Emergency Medical Services.

Airport Fire Administration
B. Nishiyama Willis, Deputy Chief
The Airport Fire Service's mission is to prevent disastrous incidents from occurring and to minimize damage to life, property and the environment in the event that a disastrous incident should occur. The Airport Fire Service consists of 208 employees, 202 sworn firefighters and 6 civilian employees. We provide aircraft fire protection, structural fire protection, Emergency Medical Services protection, and Hazardous Materials/Special Rescue Response protection to the traveling public and employees of Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport. The fire service also operates and oversees the largest automatic defibrillator program in the country.

(Sources: City of Atlanta)

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