Saturday, September 19, 2009

Atlanta Mounted Police Patrol

The Mounted Patrol

Mounted patrol units are a critical component of police visibility and are the best method of crowd control for festivals, parks and major sporting events. As well, they increase police visibility and provide perspective from which to monitor activity. The Atlanta Police Foundation has restored the mounted unit to Atlanta by providing start-up costs for the stables and training arena, as well as the purchase of horses.

The mounted unit currently has twelve officers. Eleven officers and their mounts are assigned to patrol a regular beat and special details, such as festivals, parades and other community events. One additional officer and three horses are in training. The unit will continue to expand through 2008.

Adopt-a-Horse Program

Through the Adopt-A-Horse Program, individuals and businesses can sponsor one of the Mounted Patrol horses for a contribution of $5,000. Currently eleven horses are sponsored by individuals, families, businesses and organizations. A plaque is mounted on the stall of each horse that is adopted to give special recognition to the donor(s). For more information on horses available for adoption, please contact Grant Hawkins at 404.586.0180.

(Source: The Atlanta Police Foundation)

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