Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kennesaw Mountain Museum - Georgia 1864

Read on this Photo:

"All begin to feel we are on the eve of stirring events." (Cyrena Barley Stone, Atlanta resident, March 13, 1864)

"Three years of civil war have laid waste rge parts of Virginia, Mississippi, and Tennessee, but Georgia remains relatively unscathed. Only two major battles Chickamauga and Ringgold Gap, have been fought within her borders. Union troops occupy only a small portion of her soil. Her farms and factories, cities and towns, railroads and seaports are still intact, and still a vital cog in the Confederate war machine.

Soaring prices and severe shortage have made daily life more difficult on the home front, and every community mourns the loss of loved ones killed in battle. But for most Georgians, the war is still something far away, a dark and distant cloud on the horizon.

This is about to change."

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