Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, GA

Est. November 9, 1992

If the B-52's song "Love Shack" were to ever find a permanent home, Atlanta's Hard Rock Cafe would be the place. With its southern charm and renowned hospitality, this location truly gives meaning to our "Love All Serve All" motto. Situated in downtown Atlanta's Cornerstone Building, this nice restaurant could be considered a cornerstone of southern rock. Packed with memorabilia from rock legends with roots south of the Mason-Dixon Line, this cafe serves up delicious delicacies everyday.

Interested in planning your next "Rock Star" event at Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta? This nice place is located on 215 Peachtree Street NE on the corner with Andre Young International Blvd or maybe you can call them and find out more about it at 404-688-7625 ext.22.

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