Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ken. Mountain Museum - Georgians Answer The Call to Army

Read on this photo:
"A conscription Act, passed in February 1864, makes every white Southern male between the ages of 17 and 50 subject to military service. By that time, Georgia has already furnished 106,000 men for the Confederate army, a number second only to Virginia, whose white population is nearly twice as large."

Confederate National Flags
"On March 4, 1861 the Confederate Congress adopts the Confederate's first national flag, a red, white, and blue banner with seven stars in the upper left corner, one for each of the seceded Southern States. New star are added as more States leave the Union, including one for Missouri and one for Kentucky, two slave-holding states that do not seceded, but still supply the Southern armies with thousands of volunteers.
Many Southerners believe the "Stars and Bars" looks too much like the "Stars and Stripes". After much debate, the Confederate Congress adopts a new design on May 1, 1863. This second national flag, "The Stainless Banner" , is mostly white, except for a small version of the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia in the upper left corner."

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