Friday, February 25, 2011

HOV Lanes: What is It? And in Which Hwy in Georgia?

View of the HOV lane, as you see we have plenty room to move.
What's an HOV lane? 

HOV stands for "High Occupancy Vehicle" lane, or car-pool lane. The central concept for HOV lanes is to move more people rather than more cars. Some HOV lanes carry almost half of the people carried on the entire freeway. Regular "mixed-flow" lanes are never converted to HOV lanes. Rather, HOV lanes are always added to existing facilities. Each vehicle that travels on an HOV lane must carry the minimum number of people posted at the entrance signs. Usually that means at least two people, or in some cases three people. Each child counts as an occupant, but pets, infants still in the womb, inflatable dolls (some one had done that recently in another State) or ghosts do not (we've heard 'em all). Violators are subject to  fines up to $150.00 here in Georgia. 
Exceptions: Motorcycles, even those carrying just one person, are allowed to use the HOV lanes. Some HOV lanes are in operation only during certain hours, which are posted. Outside of those hours, they may be used by all vehicles.

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for enforcing HOV lane restrictions under Georgia Code, Section 40-16-2. Other law enforcement agencies also enforce the HOV restrictions.

HOV Lanes first opened in Atlanta on December 14, 1994, 18 lane miles on I-20 from Downtown to I-285.

In 1996, 60 additional lane miles opened on I-75 and I-85. Another 23.6 lane miles opened on I-85 in Gwinnett County on October 31,2001.

The following vehicles may use HOV Lanes:
  • Vehicles with two or more (living and not pre-infant) persons.
  • Emergency Vehicles (Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Medical)
  • Motorcycles
  • Buses
  • Alternative Fuel vehicles properly licensed with an AF license plate
Persons who violate the HOV lane law are guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable under Code Section 40-6-54.

Fines and penalties for HOV violations:
  • First Offense: $75.00 maximum (plus court fees)
  • Second Offense: $100.00 maximum (plus court fees)
  • Third Offense: $150.00 maximum (plus court fees)
  • Fourth Offense: $150.00 maximum (plus court fees), and one point on the driver's record.
Left-side entrance and exit ramps to or from the HOV Lanes are also included in the restrictions.

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Anonymous said...

How can anyone stop you from you useing a highway lane that we
all paid for with our federal tax dollars? It is a interstate not a state road.The state is making money off a highway that doesn't
even belong to them. It belongs to the people not some one for ther own personal gains.Some one needs to sue the state, and some one will nbefore it is all over.