Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bad Weather in Atlanta, the Worst in more than 10 Years....

After almost one year without publishing anything in this Blog, I decided to come back and post something about this massive weather that had affected almost all the 50 US States.

From the Carolinas to Texas, a massive winter storm has crippled much of the southeast in the past 72 hours.

Atlanta has been slammed by snow and ice, and Mother Nature has made sure there are not a lot of options for people trying to travel around the southeast. Delta Air Lines canceled at least 800 flights on Tuesday originating in Atlanta and the Northeast as the storm moved up the East Coast. AirTran canceled at least 50 flights. The airlines’ efforts to get all passengers to their final destinations could last into early next week. In fact another source says that “More than 2,000 flights were canceled out of Atlanta and states of emergency were declared in Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee as ice and snowstorms swept the South since Sunday night. Up to 6 inches of snow blanked road and bridges, wreaking havoc with traffic and causing many accidents, reports the AP. "We don't have weather events like this," said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, whose city saw as much as 6 inches in parts. "I think the amount of snow we're getting is probably a 10-year event for the city of Atlanta."
It's been a slippery drive around much of the south. Like a car struggling up an icy hill, metro Atlanta’s climb back toward life as normal will be slow, uneven and potentially treacherous.You might get stuck in the icy roads  and streets if you don't be extra careful as you decide to drive out by now. 

State transportation crews cleared large stretches of the interstates and highways Tuesday, especially along the southern Perimeter, but they cautioned that refreezing was likely overnight. 

Ice will also persist on many surface streets, especially the less traveled ones, until temperatures climb and stay above freezing. And that won’t be until at least Friday afternoon, forecasters say. 

Tuesday, DOT officials’ advice was emphatic: “All motorists, especially large trucks, are urged to stay off the roads through today. If you must travel, extreme caution is strongly advised.” 

School administrators, for one, were listening. All major school systems, including Atlanta, Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett and DeKalb, will remain closed today, as will most universities. 

Around Atlanta the snow wasn't the only problem. Freezing rain, sleet and ice helped paralyze Atlanta area roadways. A Driver in Atlanta said, "People don't know how to drive, we're not prepared for this. Visibility is bad and the traction is really bad. I think citizens have gotten the message and know to stay home because the roads are very hazardous."     - Well, in fact most of the population prepared themselves for this  bad weather buying all food supply they could, and decided to stay locked home, not going any where.

– And according to a State Official the City of Atlanta has only 11 Plow Trucks, which   explain everything about the big mess in this huge City.
Some drivers were so overwhelmed they simply walked away from their car, as you see in some pictures, because their car wouldn’t move anywhere. The snow and ice is such a big problem, leaders around all Southern States were practically begging people to stay off the road, and stay home.
A travel nightmare for many who simply are not used to this kind of weather.Weather Mess in the South

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